This blog has been created so others can follow my adventures of returning to a music classroom! I spent my first year out of college as a Middle School Band Director, then as the Music Associate at my church for five years. During that time I decided to make a change and began pursuing my Master's in Library Science. I spent five years as the Media Specialist at a primary school and deeply desired to return to my true calling. I've been given that chance in two elementary schools and I am really excited!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

After School Groups and TpT SALE!

This week, my 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students auditioned for spots in Chorus and Stomp, Boom, Bang.  I accepted over 75 students into Chorus (slightly worried that I'm going crazy!! LOL!)  and 30 students into Stomp, Boom, Bang.  Stomp, Boom, Bang will be our school's version of Stomp Out Loud!  I'm in the process of collecting items that we will use to create music and we will also use our recorders some during this group.  Since we're new to this, the school purchased Stomp, Boom, Blast and Stomp, Boom, Blast 2 by Cathy Blair.  You can purchase your own copies here and here.  I will be posting more as we get started and I am sure there will be lots of exciting things to share!

Also, I will be taking part in the TeachersPayTeachers.com Super Sunday SALE!!!  You can access my store on TpT here!  You can save up to 28% by using the Promo Code: SUPER.  Happy Shopping!!

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  1. You'll be okay with the numbers, trust me. I have 79 third, fourth and fifth graders in chorus and 21 in my orff group. It seems crazy but the kids are motivated to do well by their love of the music and usually behavior problems, even if it's just talking, sort themselves out pretty quickly.