This blog has been created so others can follow my adventures of returning to a music classroom! I spent my first year out of college as a Middle School Band Director, then as the Music Associate at my church for five years. During that time I decided to make a change and began pursuing my Master's in Library Science. I spent five years as the Media Specialist at a primary school and deeply desired to return to my true calling. I've been given that chance in two elementary schools and I am really excited!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Labor Day SALE!

Starting Saturday all products in my TpT store will be 10% off until Tuesday!  So, if you haven't already, be sure to download some of the items!  :)

I have been so super busy between finishing my time in Charlotte and getting things ready for my move back to Pageland.  I hope to post more often again soon!

Happy Monday and have a GREAT week!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Workday Worries

Oh.My.Goodness!!!!  So much running through my brain and I can't get it to slow down enough so I can make a to-do list and aaahhhhhh!!!!  Open house night is always so much fun - everyone seeing each other after going months, students going back to see former teachers and oh the hugs!  I LOVE it!  Today was even better because I got to totally surprise former students that I haven't seen in a while and share that I'm going to be teaching them music!

It was so much fun and I am so glad that I got to do that today!  Now, I'm going to write down a few "to-dos" and then go to bed.  I am tired!

Happy Monday evening friends!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

WAIT...WHAT?!?!?!  Sorry to put a damper on your end of summer celebrations!  BUT...I have to, have to, have to start thinking about Christmas/winter holidays/and what have you.
I was looking though the materials already at my school for my 5th graders and while I like what's there, most of it has been used within recent years.  So, that leaves me looking for something new.  A few of the musicals that caught my eye are...

North Pole Musical by Jacobson and Huff
A Pirate Christmas by John Jacobson & Roger Emerson
North Pole Star by Albrecht & Althouse

I'll keep you posted on the winner.  If you have a suggestion on a musical you love, please share!

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Help please!

Our school is having a PASS celebration for the students that met their goals on their end of grade tests last year.  Any suggestions for a fun song that I could sing with a small group of 5th graders?  I want something that will be easy for them to learn but, is funky and fun and really up beat.

I've looked through a few Music K-8 issues but nothing really jumped out at me...so, I need help!
Thanks in advance!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Picture Time!!

Wanted to give everyone a little tour of my classroom.  I've included some before and after shots!  Lots of things will change throughout the year.  This is the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade school.  I haven't gotten anything done in my K-2nd grade school - YET!  Will be working this weekend and the first of next week on it.  Bringing in the hubby and my daddy for some muscle!

This is a before picture of what the room looked like the first time I walked in. 

Another before picture, to the left is the door to the hallway.
SMARTboard!!  Nuff said!  LOL!
Ah, the after picture!  Still have some work to do.  Notice my fairy helper in the left there?!?

Word wall - missing my alphabet letters and it will be done!
Music is a Sweet Treat bulletin board.  A download of the ice cream scoops can be found at www.musicbulletinboards.net.

Music Mission Statement.  I stole borrowed this from Mrs. Inserra at Bangert Elementary.  You can find her awesome site here.

My door!  :)

Hallway display - Welcome BACH (chickens!!)  You can get the download of the chickens here at Ms. Swedberg's blog.  So, that's all for now!  Few more days and then the kiddos enter the building!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Donors Choose Project

I have just been cleared with a new Donors Choose Project.  This is the first time I've been a SONIC teacher and I'm excited and hopeful that the Limeades for Learning program will help my project get funded.  YOU can help too!!  If you could just share $5 (tax deductible) to my project, I would be forever grateful!

I'm asking for a BOSE SoundDock station to use at both schools with my iPod.  Please take some time to view my project and other projects from teachers all over!  Help us, as we help our students learn and better themselves!

Here's the link to my project - HERE!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Back to School SALE!

Get up to 28% off items at TpT - use code BTS12 to get an additional % off items in my store that will be discounted 10% Sunday and Monday, August 12 & 13, 2012 ONLY!!  I know that right now my store is a little bare, but I am hoping to have at least one new item added tomorrow.  Here's a hint, think SMARTboard, rhythms and back to school!  :)

I know that LOTS of others are taking part in the sale, so if you have things in your TpT wishlist - now would be the time to buy!!

Here's the link to my STORE!
Happy Shopping!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Itching to get into my rooms!

I don't have to tell you all that I am beyond ready to get into my classrooms!!  Oh, I love our custodial staff (and will be making them some little treats!) and I want to shout "FINISH MY ROOM NEXT!"  I can't do that!  I AM going to sit back and be patient and wait...so while I wait, tomorrow, I am taking my kiddos to the mall that has the teacher store!  I told them that we are going to play putt-putt at the NASCAR speedpark so they'll hopefully let me shop some first!

Tonight, I had a GRAND thought while I was sitting in the drive-thru line at the golden arches...since I have to be away from my classes for the first week and a half, why not VIDEOtape myself talking to them.  Then, that takes a little pressure off the sub to make sure they cover EVERYTHING I want covered on our first class meetings.  Wow, wow, wow!  Now, I'm even MORE excited and ready to get my rooms set up so I can call "ACTION!"

The drive-thru line was CRAZY, so I pulled up Evernote on my phone (lifesaver that app is - I tell ya!  If you don't use it, you totally should!) and I started typing out a script for my back to school video lessons.  So excited, I am beyond words!  Now, if only I had an iPad, then I could do my video without having to use my phone...sigh, and dream a little dream.  Okay, I'm back!

Here's my awesome find from the music teacher blog-o-sphere!  Mrs. Swedburg at Made for Music Teachers has created some awesome funky Bach chickens and they are so going to go outside my door at the 3rd-5th grade school!  Here's a link and here idea came from Mrs. King at www.musicbulletinboards.net (Mrs. King has some awesome things on her blog and site also!)  I think that's all I have time for tonight - HUGE storm booming outside!

Happy shopping to me tomorrow!  Yay!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Give with Target

Have you heard?!?  Target is giving schools $25 gift cards for every 25 votes they get via Facebook.  Find out more and vote for a school near you at Facebook.com/Target.  You can vote 1 time each week.  So, spread the word and get votes for your school!  I think this is so awesome!

If you're looking for a school to support - Pageland Elementary or Petersburg Primary in Pageland, SC would LOVE your votes!!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

This week

Monday, I spent the day working on things around my house.  HOW do we get laundry done and keep the chores taken care of during the school year?!?  Seems like that's all I spend time doing during the summer!  Tuesday was spent stalking watching the Olympics and Wednesday was spent signing the contract in my new district.

So, today and the rest of the week I'm going to be creating games, planning classroom set up (can't get into my rooms yet) and planning some lessons.  Working on a Prezi (www.prezi.com) to use the first classes with my upper grades.  I'll post that when I get it finished.

Pinterest has been a HUGE help in my finding games and activities I can incoporate into my teaching.  What are some of your favorite games/activities/lessons?  I didn't do much with "Star Spangled Banner" last year, so I am looking to do more with that in grades 3-5.  Mostly, I am really looking forward to setting up my rooms and making them my own!  I have some barred Orff instruments, but DonorsChoose is going to be used to help me get more.  Most of what is at both schools is old, broken or doesn't sound good.

Oh I just can't wait to get started!!  Don't think I've been this excited about the start of a school year since my first year teaching!  LOVE!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Big News!!!

Hi friends and family!  I've had some big news that I've had to sit on for a while, but...I am making a job change.  Yep, 2 weeks before workdays start and I'm going to change states (again!).  I am going back to my Chesterfield County roots to teach in Pageland at both Petersburg Primary and Pageland Elementary!!!  The building that now homes PES is the former location of Pageland Middle School, where I spent my first year teaching band!  AND Petersburg is where I spent 5 years as the media specialist.  I totally feel like I am going home!  and it's a super wonderful feeling.  BUT, am I stressed!?!  YES!!!

I have 2 classrooms to set up, that haven't been cleaned, so I can't get in them.  AND, I'm going to have to spend a least part of the workdays and some of the student days in Charlotte.  WOWZER!  3 classrooms to set up and lesson plans to prepare for me to use and a sub to use maybe...who knows!!!  However, the end result with my being back in Pageland is sooo worth it!!  I will be spending the next few weeks squeezing the last moments of summer fun in with my babies and working on lots of projects!

Ahhh only 2 weeks!!!!!